Current Perceptions of Downtown Lewistown

The community is asked to supply their opinion on a series of standard perceptual questions about Downtown Lewistown. The purpose of this survey tool is to get a better idea of how people feel about common attributes that contribute to a “sense of place” within a community, and to guide Downtown Lewistown Inc. with potential business district revitalization strategies. The questions are based upon a matrix for what constitutes a "place" that was developed by the Project for Public Spaces.
We acknowledge that perceptions of downtown Lewistown may have changed due to the impact of COVID-19 on the community. Please respond based on your current perceptions of downtown.

Comfort & Appearance

Downtown is safe.

Downtown is clean.

Downtown is green (has ample landscaping).

Downtown is charming.

Downtown has quality historic architecture.

Downtown has places to sit and relax.

Downtown has well-maintained buildings.

Downtown has adequate lighting at night.

Downtown has an identifiable logo.

Downtown has inviting storefronts.

Economic Characteristics

Downtown has the right mix of businesses.

Downtown has available goods and services.

Downtown has unique businesses.

Downtown is business friendly.

Downtown has prices I can afford.

Downtown has a low first floor vacancy rate.

Downtown has attractive second floor housing.

Downtown has opportunities to live.

Downtown has opportunities to work.

Downtown appeals to a broad range of users.

Community Attitude

Downtown is welcoming to visitors.

Downtown shows our community's pride.

Downtown is a friendly place to spend time/gather.

Downtown has stakeholders who cooperate.

Downtown is customer friendly.

Downtown has a volunteer spirit.

Downtown communicates with the community.

Downtown is progressive and future-oriented.


Downtown has a good array of special events.

Downtown is vibrant during the day.

Downtown is vibrant in the evening.

Downtown has activities that generate pedestrian traffic.

Downtown is well-promoted and marketed.

Downtown has an image I understand.

Downtown businesses have convenient hours for me.

Access & Linkages

Downtown has good directional signage.

Downtown has sufficient, easy-to-find parking.

Downtown is well-connected to other attractions.

Downtown can easily be reached by bike, car or walking.

Downtown has convenient access to/from major highways.

Downtown has good/safe sidewalks for pedestrians.

Downtown has safe places to cross the street.

Downtown has smooth flowing traffic.

Downtown is walkable to and from other places.